Friday, June 28, 2013

Feature and Follow

Increase Blog FollowersThe Feature & Follow is hosted by TWO hosts, Parajunkee & Alison Can Read
What sets this Hop apart from others, is our Feature. Each week we will showcase a Featured Blogger, from all different genres and areas. 

Question of the week: What is your preferred reading format? Hardcover,eBooks, paperback...etc?
Answer:  I prefer to read paperback books (sorry trees), because I like to hold paper and I enjoy being able to visibly see how much I've read. I also enjoy the smell of new books and the sound books make while they are being flipped, but that is a story for another day. I'm not a big fan of hardcover though, because I feel as though I can't open them all the way for fear that the spine will break. Ebooks are comfortable to hold for long periods of time and I like that people don't automatically know what you're reading (sometimes book covers are embarrassing!). I guess each one has its perks, but overall, paperback is the winner for me.

***that's all for now lady and gents. Can't wait to read your answers too, leave a link below in the comments. :]
- V 
Ephesians 5:14


  1. I agree with you! Paperbacks are great and hardbacks can be a little difficult. You make a good point about some covers being embarrassing. E-readers would be good for that.

    New follower GFC.

    1. Thanks for coming to visit and for following. :D

  2. There really is nothing like holding an actual book in your hands, but lately I've fallen prey to the Kindle's convenience and price :( New GFC follower.

    Meredith’s Musings

  3. V,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Just to let you know, I do not make the t-shirts, but my friend Katie Pritchard does. She has all kind's of literary t-shirts for a great price. She can even custom make you one :) Her website is

    Katelynn Clark

    1. oooh I understand now, I'll have to go to your friend's website then. Thanks for letting me know and for visiting. :D

  4. Yeah...I think erotic books definitely make more money in ebooks than paperbacks. Haha, I don't think I could ever go to a bookstore and pick one off the shelf!

    I'm a new follower via GFC.

    MY FF

  5. I began reading ebooks when my bookcases started overflowing. I like to read self published writers and many don't have a print copy available.
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    Kimberly @ Once Upon a YA Book

  6. I fully agree with needing the feel of paper, I'm the same way!

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    Amber @Paradise of Pages


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