Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Cool Girl's Guide to Knitting by Nicki Trench * 4 out of 5

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I believe that weekends should be spent doing something you like. For me that would most likely be reading or making little crafts. So here is a little book review for all you knitters out there or those of you who would like to learn.

The Cool Girl's Guide to Knitting by Nicki Trench, is a great book for beginners. It is filled with all sorts of designs that are easy to follow and understand. There are also step by step pictures as well. This book has helped me with many projects, and has given me many useful techniques for the future as well as a little history about knitting.

This is the only knitting book that I own but if you guys have any other suggestions please leave a comment. I also crochet as well. :) Alright bye guys, have a splendid weekend!

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