Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Day #2 in the northeast

Hey guys I hope you're doing great today. We had another snow day today in the northeast. This is a good thing because that means NO SCHOOL. :) Yay. But here's a funny story about why we should always check the news for school cancellations:

My mom left to bring my little sisters to school without checking to see if it was canceled. So as a result their car got stuck in the snow and they had to pay a lot of money to get themselves towed out. (bummer) The funny part of this story is that I knew there wasn't going to be school today but I fell asleep before I could tell them not to leave. Whoops haha. I feel a little guilty about that but who wouldn't check the news before going out in weather that looked like this:

The last picture is a picture of my dad shoveling snow so that my mom can get back in. (sigh) Anyways how are you guys? Any good news? Feel free to leave comments below( i love them to infinity and beyond.)

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