Sunday, February 27, 2011

Save Earth Sunday :)

Save earth Sunday is an event I made to help the planet. Every week on Sunday I will post eco tips we can all use daily to help impact the earth. Feel free to post your own eco tip(s) as well and don't forget to leave me a link to your post so I can do it too.

This weeks tip: 
Hundreds of thousands of sea animals die annually from consuming plastic shopping bags. But many recycling facilities don't accept them. So when making a purchase, bring along a reusable bag, like a cotton tote, and ask to have your items be put in there instead. 

Well that's all for now folks, I hope you have a great Sunday!  Peace to you all and stay warm. :)
xoxo Veronica.

(check out this wicked awesome violin cover of the song, The Show Goes On)


  1. Great idea =] I always take my own bag when I go food shopping

  2. Yay!!! I am glad :) Keep up the good work! haha


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